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Media attention - one of the most objective evidence of the popularity and success of a project which only can be. And if the press on the Internet will not escape the attention the hotel "Kizhi", then it is an occasion for those who are planning a holiday or business trip to Kharkov, to make the right choice. If you need a good and economical hotel at the same time - the media in Ukraine are ready to help good advice.

Frequent mention of domestic online media - a sign of quality!

Popular sites and portals of various cities of Ukraine, both thematic and general orientation, seeking to introduce its readers to the sights of Kharkov, simultaneously advising places to stay for the night. Mention hotel "Kizhi" among the latter is not surprising, as signified it was the result of an impartial analysis, the comparison in many ways. A man accustomed to travel or just to visit various cities, is not fooled: he will assess objectively and service, and comfort, and location, and the prices, and all the rest, will form their own criteria scale. So similar reviews Internet sources with a good reputation can be trusted.

Please note in our "press review" contains media and Kharkov - hotel "Kizhi" is already well known in the First Capital. No wonder, because the hotel - not necessarily a place where visitors to the city stop. In fact, and in Kharkiv can find plenty of reasons to take off in a hotel room for one or the other time. Almost always, these factors have a joyful and exciting character (see. Our campaign "Wedding Package" and "Romantic Weekend").

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