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Our partners

Booking.com - the leading European system of online hotel reservations. We cooperate whiter than 5 years. Our hotel is visited by many visitors from different countries of the world and in 2014 we entered into a three leaders in Kharkov, on the basis of our customer responds.

Hotels24.ua - a free hotel reservation service throughout Ukraine.

Вookit.ua - a unique system of online booking of hotels and inns.

"Nezabarom" - portal about rest and entertainment in Kharkov.

Ostrovok.ru - online service to search and book hotels, hostels and apartments worldwide. Hotel directory description, prices and pictures. Specials. Contacts.

Travel agency "Mandry" - has extensive experience in the travel market.

"Deya Tour" - inbound and outbound tourism in Ukraine.


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e-mail: hotel.kizhi@gmail.com

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