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Stars - an indicator of the quality of service at the hotel?
Stars - an indicator of the quality of service at the hotel? Many travelers, choosing a hotel, are guided by the number of stars. Classification of hotels and hotels from 1 to 5 stars means the quality of the service and the level of comfort. But is the quality of service in the hotel really depends on the number of stars and is it worth overpaying for the status? Certainly, high-rated hotels provide many useful services: Hairdryer and toiletries; free parking; Fitness room, massage, beauty salon; Laundry, dry cleaning; Food delivery to the room, etc. The question arises: is this really useful? Of course, if you move around the city by public transport - in the parking lot is not necessary. It is also doubtful that a fitness room will be needed, especially if your visit does not last longer than two days. Undoubtedly, the "star" of the hotel is not always a guarantee of impeccable quality of service. What is the level of service in mini-hotels? Many of the listed services offer less pathos hotels at a much lower cost. It is worth noting, cheap - does not mean bad, just the hotel management is focusing on the comfort and comfort of guests, creating a home environment in the rooms. Immaculate quality of service, comfortable rooms, loyal prices, modern furnishings and appliances - what else do you need for a good rest during your business trip, travel or romantic date? Undoubtedly, impeccable service has its price, but not always the cost corresponds to the quality of service in the hotel, it all depends on the work of staff and managers. A small hotel "Kizhi" offers cozy, spotlessly clean rooms and full service. In this case, you do not have to wander around the city, since the hotel is in the central area in a quiet and quiet street.

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