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Tusovychny center or quiet outskirts of the city: in which district to choose a hotel?
Tusovychny center or quiet outskirts of the city: in which district to choose a hotel? Many visitors, choosing a mini hotel, can not decide in which area to stay. There is no specific solution to the dilemma, the only thing that is worth doing in this situation is to analyze all the nuances and choose the most suitable option. The choice of the location of the hotel depends on various factors, it is worth considering the prevailing aspects. The center of any city is famous for its abundance of attractions, entertainment and cultural centers, architectural monuments, scientific institutes and business centers, boutiques, shopping centers, restaurants and so on, which is why it suits those who like noisy nightlife. Certainly, a mini hotel in the center of the city, like the Kizhi hotel, implies an excellent transport interchange and public places within walking distance. In favor of mini hotels quiet sleeping areas are opposing factors: a huge number of green spaces, a calm rhythm, cleaner air. The infrastructure of the outskirts is not so diverse, but it allows you to find entertainment to your liking. The cost of accommodation will be significantly lower than in the mini hotel of the city center. As a disadvantage should be noted less public transport, so you have to spend more time to get to the desired point of the city. Undeniably, it is appropriate to find a "golden mean" - to choose mini-hotels in the center of a quiet district. Kharkov's Kizhi hotel boasts a similar advantage. The ideal location of the mini hotel in a few minutes from the three metro stations and the main attractions of Kharkov allows modern people with maximum comfort to get to anywhere in the city.

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