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In the season of weddings mini hotels hospitably greeted the newlyweds and their guests

Then came the warm days. Spring powerfully come into its own, cold inevitably depart, and dull gray landscape magically replaced by green landscapes. Ahead - a long, blooming year's time. Nature proclaims life, and at this time of year a lot of young couples are planning to tie the sacred knot.

Wedding event - an event important and responsible. We need to work hard to provide for all the details, and the choice of hotels to accommodate the newlyweds and their guests - one of the key points in the preparation of the list for the event.

For such an idea now turning more and more. And, characteristically, choose not bombastic five-star hotels, the ceiling price which bullied on the fabulous height, and comfortable, economical mini-hotels. The fact that the loyal pricing policy such private hotels captivate sincere, truly home-like atmosphere, the attention to every guest. Well, the wedding package at the hotel - a nice added bonus.

Here is a great example - Kharkov Hotel "Kizhi". Yes, it is small - only 10 rooms. On the other hand, every guest will be surrounded by warmth and care. Newlyweds, barely inhabited, get a compliment from the hotel staff - congratulations with fragrant flowers, sparkling champagne and ripe fruit. All the guests of the event as part of the wedding package hotel will provide a discount on accommodation. Cheaper and heartier options you will not find!


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