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A compliment from the hotel - a reward for persistence!

What makes the hotel popular? It is not indicative of luxury and alluvial pathos. Abundant and expensive advertising can bring a certain notoriety, but the impression of the accommodation can be folded only been there personally. And if the guest was satisfied so that while planning a trip to this city next time, knows for sure that will stop here again - then the hotel is on the right path!

Every person, because of the nature of work and lifestyle, have their established habits. Sooner or later, arriving in a particular city, he chooses for itself a certain hotel, which will satisfy him in all respects - comfort, service, the price level. And of course, a frequent guest of the hotel are entitled to a response location.

Hotel "Kizhi" has always been a caring and attentive to their guests. In particular, it gives compliments regular guests - possibility to book the favorite number, receive discounts for services and accommodation. Agree, such a gesture in this era of total indifference and cold calculation should be appreciated!

For a good private hotel the best advertising - it is satisfied guests reviews. This regular customers, who with great pleasure that bind each of its Kharkiv trip to this hotel. A nice compliment to regular guests - a small reward for their trust.


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