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In the small cozy hotel has its genuine charm!

When a person planning a trip to another city, for business or for other purposes, see the offer of small hotels characterized by extremely low prices, his head involuntarily slips thought about some kind of trick. What's the matter? Nor can the prices be so low just because! So something must be wrong? For example, poor service. Or improper living conditions ...

Such concerns, in principle, are not unfounded. Nowadays, you can run into a hotel, whose leadership, lowering prices, saving on everything easily. But "Kizhi" - not one of them!

Yes, in this small hotel lovers pathos, pomposity, huge spaces and ostentation will not find what you were looking for. But there is all the advantages of small hotels: comfort, convenience, really homely atmosphere. Good little hotel - a concern that is evident in the details. And guests appreciate it!

"Kizhi" - it is an opportunity, being in the heart of the turbulent city, nice escape from the city. It is small but tastefully furnished rooms. This windows facing not noisy, crowded street traffic, and a cozy green yard. It is polite, helpful staff. And finally, one of the main advantages of small hotels - prices significantly below the average. Come, you will not regret!


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e-mail: hotel.kizhi@gmail.com

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