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Basic, additional and unusual services of mini-hotels Mini-hotels are bribed with a high level of service, a quiet quiet atmosphere, a home environment. In addition to these qualities, small hotels have many advantages over large "colleagues". The lower costs for building, maintaining the hotel and renting the land affect the cost of living in the rooms. Therefore, a mini hotel - an impeccable option to save on travel in an unfamiliar city. Undoubtedly, basic and additional services in mini-hotels also provide an understated cost. Hotel guests and hotels rarely notice basic services, as they are included in the cost of rooms and small-size rooms. Among the main services of hotels, it is worth mentioning the following: Wake-up of guests at a certain hour; Help on orientation in an unfamiliar city; Calling the ambulance and giving the first-aid kit; Security of the guests, safety of personal belongings. The number of paid additional services in mini-hotels, for example, Kharkiv Hotel Kizhi: Service in the beauty salon "Creative", irreplaceable for the fair sex, who want to put themselves in order before going out. Relaxing massage, which allows you to calm down after a daily kaleidoscope of events. A service / dry cleaning service, capable of bringing in a pristine appearance clothes. The opportunity to use office equipment business people (fax / copier). The service of storing and receiving personal correspondence from the administrator. The order of transport and tickets. Unusual additional services of hotels, hostels, care of animals, marriage, heating of the bed with heating pads, sound absorbing carpets with thick nap and soundproof windows, aromatherapy and so on. Considering all the nuances of the hotel service, feel free to choose the hotel you like, pamper yourself and loved ones with high-class specialists, enjoy your holiday!

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